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fresh water distillers

Our SONDEX® fresh water distillers are designed to produce domestic, process, or even drinkable water by evaporating seawater. The vapor from the evaporated seawater is condensed and filtered, leaving behind freshwater which can be chemically purified if it is intended for drinking water.

When supplies of fresh water are scarce or unavailable, for instance on board vessels, platforms, and rigs the need for production becomes evident. Being able to produce fresh water on demand is paramount in the marine and offshore industry. Our SONDEX® fresh water distillers are based on two, or more, titanium plate packs that act as evaporators and condensers.


Features and benefits

  • High-vacuum design that lets the seawater evaporate at temperatures below 48 C°. This makes it possible to utilize excess heat from the cooling water of the engine jacket and put otherwise wasted energy to good use.
  • Our freshwater distillers require minimal supervision after startup, as they are fully automated and operate according to the given water flow and pressure. Furthermore, they are designed to require very little maintenance.
  • Featuring a salinometer, running-hour meter, and a chemical dosing unit by default, our freshwater distillers have all the equipment needed to ensure the correct salinity level for the desired freshwater output.
  • Our multi-stage freshwater distillers are based on regenerative energy utilization and are very well-suited for producing large quantities of freshwater, especially when the available energy is limited and costly to produce.

Technical specifications

  • Salinity of 1-10 ppm
  • Capacity of single-stage units: 1-100 metric tons of water/day
  • Capacity of multi-stage units: 30-200 metric tons of water/day
  • Construction materials: stainless steel, titanium



  • Marine/offshore industry
  • Drinkable water production
  • Process water production
  • Domestic water production

What kind of heat exchanger is right for me?

The choice of heat exchanger depends on many factors. Our skilled sales engineers design the heat exchanger with the appropriate dimensions and correct specifications based on your input and requirements, to ensure that you receive a quality solution that performs optimally.

Which certificates are available for the heat exchangers?

Our heat exchangers are approved and certified according to industry standards and requirements. For specific details, please reach out to your local SONDEX® brand sales representative.

Where can I get a price list?

Please contact your local SONDEX® brand sales responsible.

How can I get a quotation?

Please contact your local SONDEX® brand sales office. For the most accurate quotation, please prepare the following data:

• Duty,
• Type of media,
• Pressure drop,
• Flow rate,
• Working pressure,
• Thermodynamic properties, Temperature,
• Working temperature.


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