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Welded Heat Exchangers

SondBlock and all-welded plate heat exchangers are designed for use in aggressive media, extreme temperature and/or high pressure.  Plate and shell heat exchangers (SPS) are perfect choices for condensation and steam heating duties and spiral heat exchangers are very well-suited for applications that require treatment of challenging fluids.

Products in this category

Fully welded plate heat exchangers

Our SONDEX® all-welded plate heat exchangers (SAW) provide very efficient heat transfer and are designed primarily for use in applications that involve aggressive, demanding media and high process temperatures, such as the chemical, petrochemical, refrigeration, and pharmaceutical industries, to name a few.


SondBlock plate heat exchangers

Our SONDEX® SondBlock heat exchangers (SB/SBL) are compact and durable solutions for challenging applications that involve aggressive media, extreme temperatures, and/or high pressure. As SondBlock heat exchangers have no exposed gaskets, they can replace shell and tube heat exchangers and cover the same duties, yet offer numerous advantages in terms of cost, size, and performance.


Plate and shell heat exchangers

Our SONDEX® plate and shell heat exchangers (SPS) are perfect choices for condensation and steam heating duties. A fully welded plate pack makes the heat exchangers well-suited for handling aggressive media as well as high pressure levels and temperatures. Less space demanding and much lighter in weight, they are good replacements for shell and tube heat exchangers.


Spiral heat exchangers

Exceptionally well-suited for sludges, slurries, waste water, fouling, liquids with high viscosity, and liquids that contain fibers and solids, our SONDEX® spiral heat exchangers are the definitive solution for applications that require treatment of challenging fluids. The design allows for a countercurrent flow that makes it possible to achieve very close temperature approaches.


What kind of heat exchanger is right for me?

The choice of heat exchanger depends on many factors. Our skilled sales engineers design the heat exchanger with the appropriate dimensions and correct specifications based on your input and requirements, to ensure that you receive a quality solution that performs optimally.

Which certificates are available for the heat exchangers?

Our heat exchangers are approved and certified according to industry standards and requirements. For specific details, please reach out to your local SONDEX® brand sales representative.

Where can I get a price list?

Please contact your local SONDEX® brand sales responsible.

How can I get a quotation?

Please contact your local SONDEX® brand sales office. For the most accurate quotation, please prepare the following data:

• Duty,
• Type of media,
• Pressure drop,
• Flow rate,
• Working pressure,
• Thermodynamic properties, Temperature,
• Working temperature.


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